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Aluminum Alloy Trolley Case

The aluminum alloy trolley case has a sound monoblock structure. It rivals Boeing 737 airliner in terms of compression resistance. Each detail of it embodies high-tech element, notably the silent casters. Meanwhile, the exterior design is quite personalized. One cannot help but appreciate the taste in the aluminum alloy trolley case. This series of travel case is born for high expectations. Perfect detail and superb workmanship make this case a piece of artwork.

Made of the same fabric used on luxury suits, the jacquard polyester liner is exquisite and hard-wearing. The series comes in two simple but fashionable colors—iron gray and silver white, as a typical business trolley case for successful businessmen.

By using the TSA code lock, the case opens with a separate password, providing reliable protection of your valuables.

The unique silent waterproof pad ensures smooth sliding even in rainy and snowy days, which is the exclusive advantage of luxury suitcase.

Distinct interlayer enables all items have their most appropriate locations, and the 3-segmented handle bar enables effortless pulling at any time.