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Product samples for Shanghai T&S Industrial and Trade Co., Ltd. Are exhibited in GMPC of ETW Japan .

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Shanghai T&S Industrial and Trade Co., Ltd.
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LEGEND WALKER, TIME WALKER, WORLD WALKER, and WORLD TRUNK are the most prominent ones among our well-known brands. In China, our trolley cases have been stationed in 25 luxury department stores. Our design center is located in Japan. In the center, many designers from different countries come together to present their trendy, vintage, or elegant works. Our designs are often favored by Japanese celebrities.

TIME WALKER was first launched in Japan, with a meaning of racing with the time. Being both functional and fashionable, this series caters to the demands of contemporary consumers, and booms on Japanese market. In the decade of growth, LEGEND WALKER was also born in Japan, positioned as a high-end brand. The design tends to be more detail-oriented, as a vivid embodiment of retro and pop elements.


In future development, TIME WALKER and LEGEND WALKER will carry forward the functional and fashionable features. With trendy and modern appearance, they will refresh the conservative impression of traditional luggage cases. Side by side with the pursuit of quality, we are also committed to the revolution of ordinary suitcases in terms of time, aesthetic, and creative appeals, making them into eye catchers in the dazzling crowd of bags and cases.

In recent years, we have also launched WORLD WALKER and WORLD TRUNK high-end series. We pay more attention to details in the design. These two brands are also carriers of both modern and vintage elements.

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