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Product samples for Shanghai T&S Industrial and Trade Co., Ltd. Are exhibited in GMPC of ETW Japan .

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OEM Customize

Shanghai T&S Industrial and Trade Co., Ltd.
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OEM ODM Cooperation For OEM production, the information we need is mainly your design requirement. You can directly provide us with your design for sampling and mass production. Or we can design for you, but we need you to provide us design materials (including but not limited to logo files and company or product information to be shown on the package).

OEM ODM ProcessOn the selection of materials and accessories, we recommend you internationally well-known and stable suppliers. A right choice will not only ensure functional feasibility of finished products, but also ensure good experience for customers.

OEM/ODM Service for Standard Trolley Case
Our staff will contact you directly when we receive the inquiry from you through telephone or Email.



Product planning

Discussion Product proposal 

Sample making 
Discussion on sample

Amendment and discussion 

Final quotation and contract signing Sample confirmation

Goods receipt
1. We will communicate with our customer on necessary function, using occasion, expected price, quantity, delivery time, etc.
2. Product design based on customer demand.
3. Sample making will be carried out upon customer confirmation on quotation. The sample will be delivered to our client for further confirmation.
4. Final quotation and contract signing based on customer’s confirmation on the sample delivered.

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