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Product samples for Shanghai T&S Industrial and Trade Co., Ltd. Are exhibited in GMPC of ETW Japan .

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Shanghai T&S Industrial and Trade Co., Ltd.
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Figure 1 Plate Extruding
1. Mix ABS new material in a certain proportion;
2. Attach a colored PC film;
3. Squeeze the material to form case plate with an extruder;
4. Precisely cut the plate in accordance with customers' requirements.

Figure 2 CNC Shell Forming
1. Set a consistent temperature, so that each plastic shell will be formed under the same temperature;
2. After the formation, fix the shell by points, and saw off unwanted edges with a sawing machine;
3. Using a nailing machine, drill holes for mounting accessories.

Figure 3 Aluminum Frame Bending
1. Fix the aluminum frame on a bending machine, set a fixed angle for round corners;
2.After positioning is completed, sequentially bend the frame by the 4 corners, forming a very precise arc;
3. The finished frame is firm and beautiful.

Figure 4 Sewing
Our huge sewing workshop has hundreds of workers. The workshop is prominent with clear division of labor and excellence in quality and detail. Our workers are careful and earnest. We have strict checks on each sewed case, and any substandard one will not be allowed to go to the assembly line.

Figure 5 Parts Warehouse
Every batch of accessories has to go through strict inspection before entering parts warehouse. They are orderly placed and neatly stacked in the warehouse. According to different requirements of customers, the warehouse workers track and find the exact parts referring to the written lists, and send them to each assembly line.

Figure 6 Accessories
Our accessories suppliers are our long-term partners, such as HINOMOTO Japan, ACE Japan, Taiwan SINOX Lock, and Yifeng Lock. They all have complete systems of R&D, quality control and after-sales service. They are qualified for a continuous supply of accessories with consistent high quality.

Figure 7 Production Line
1. The formed plastic shells are inspected and arranged in line with intervals.
2. The shells flow to the front-line to get assembled with casters, handles and other related accessories.

Figure 8 Front End of the Line
1. Drill holes for mounting casters;
2. Install casters;
3. Fix handles.

Figure 9 Assembly Line
The assembly line is engaged in: rod installation, liner seaming, screw fastening, decorative strap sewing, case adjustment, wiping, cleaning and packaging.

Figure 10 Conveyor Belt Delivery
Convey the finished trolley cases to inspection and logistics center.

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