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Tips on Luggage Care

Natural Leather Luggage
Natural leather material, mostly cattle skin, is widely used in luggage production. The quality and characteristics of cattle skin luggage is subject to the cattle age and processing method.

1. Routine maintenance
1) The most basic maintenance method is to regularly wipe dirty area with a dry and soft cloth. Take special care to some obscure fungal breeding with the aid of hand dirt or sweat.
2) Avoid contact with water. In case of getting wet, wipe the water stains immediately, cover the wet area with a dry towel, and then press the towel to absorb the moisture.
3) Definitely not wipe hard. A hard wipe will only result in the penetration of dirt from the surface into the leather interior, thus spots will show on the surface.
4) After drying, in order to maintain the shape of the bag, please fill the bag with stuff like newspapers, and then put the bag at well-ventilated indoor place for a complete drying.
5) Do not dry the luggage with direct expose to sunlight or with a hair dryer. Hot, dry method will easily cause shrinking and hardening of leather.
6) After the stains completely disappear, coat the luggage with professional oil protection cream for natural leather products.
7) Choose appropriate special care oil cream based on the prior knowledge of leather type and processing method. In addition, before coating the oil cream, to prevent discoloration, spots and deformation, please try the cream first at an inconspicuous area.

2. Cleaning
1) Minor dirt can be wiped with an eraser, but please be careful because the erasing may result in discoloration.
2) To clean hand dirt and other oily dirt, please use professional detergents for leather. Before cleaning, please try the detergent first at an inconspicuous area.
3) Do not use gasoline, banana oil and other volatile solvents. These solvents could easily lead to damage, discoloration, and deformation of the entire leather luggage.

3. Let your luggage have a rest
1) Just like leather shoes, leather luggage cannot withstand long time continuous use. A proper rest will be a good adjustment for the luggage to keep a good form and a good feel.
2) For long-term storage, please fill the luggage with newspapers to keep its original shape, and place it in the bag that comes with the purchase. Keep the luggage in a well-ventilated place at proper room temperature.

Fiber Luggage
Fiber comes in two categories: natural fiber and chemical fiber. Natural fiber, including cotton, linen, wool, silk, etc, has special properties and good feel, suitable for the production of fashion luggage. Chemical fiber, including nylon, polyester, acrylic, etc, has advantages of being lightweight, strong, and hard-wearing, most commonly used for luggage.

1. Routine maintenance
Use a soft brush to wipe dust.

2. Cleaning
1) Minor dirt can be wiped with an eraser, but please be careful because the erasing may result in discoloration. To clean hand dirt and other oily dirt, please add a small amount of neutral detergent into water, soak a soft cloth in the solvent, and then gently wipe the surface with the cloth.
2) Please pay special attention to the discoloration of natural materials.
3) Do not use gasoline, banana oil and other volatile solvents for the cleaning.

Synthetic Leather Luggage
When a base fabric is added or coated with resin, it becomes the synthetic leather. It is more balanced in properties than the leather material. It shows excellent water and stain resistance, as well as good flexibility of deformation.

1. Routine maintenance
The maintenance is relatively simple. Please put the synthetic leather luggage in air-permeable bags at a well-ventilated place. Wipe with a dry cloth.

2. Cleaning
Please clean the luggage with a diluted neutral detergent.

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